Marry Had a Little Lamb

December 20, 2020

One Comment on “Marry Had a Little Lamb”

  1. Thank you for spending your time to prepare yet another beautifully developed sermon. Thank you for sharing personal information about your “history” as a Christian. Thank you for a biblical definition of beauty, a topic of interest for me, personally. My basic or “root” definition is “that which pleases God”. Being both female and a visual artist, I participated in a class at The Covenant Church in Naples entitled, Art and the Bible, following a book written by Francis A. Schaeffer (same title). My desire is to gain a deeper understanding of scripture and what pleases God. “The lordship of Christ should include an interest in the arts”, writes F.S. , “arts too are supposed to be under the lordship of Christ…Scripture does not forbid the making of representational art but rather the worship of it”. I found this class study helpful in my pursuit to live a life of redemption, which includes my thoughts, actions and visual imagery I produce, and I pray, “Dear Lord, please guide me to live my life according to scripture and what pleases You Lord”, AMEN.

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