Our Mission

There are many churches in our area, and we believe people are called by God to discover, grow, and serve Him in distinct ways. We encourage all to be faithful to their congregations and serve them; enabling Christ’s Kingdom to reform and revitalize a dying world. Each faithful church, i.e. those that believe Scripture alone is the word of God and Christ alone is the way to God, will have something unique about them while working to be faithful in the things God called them to. At Safe Harbor, we are particularly concerned with faithfulness to our historic confession while promoting an intimacy and unity among our members and visitors. Safe Harbor is not just a name for us but a core belief. We will not measure success by budgets, numbers, or events (though we have all three). We measure success by our love, faithfulness to the word of God, and the sanctification of the members.

Our desire is that when you visit us, you will feel that you have found a home, a place safe from the chaos of world.

Christ died and was resurrected to make us free from sin, healed from the past and hopeful about eternity and this is his gift. You have taken the time to read this, would you consider taking some time and visiting us?

Our Pastor, Bill Broderick, along with his wife Michelle and their five children, have served this congregation for 8 years. Bill has a Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity from Knox Theological Seminary, a Master of Philosophy from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, and a Master of Arts in English from Florida Gulf Coast University. In addition to being our pastor, he is also a Lieutenant Commander (Chaplain) in the Navy Reserves, providing pastoral care and comfort to men and women serving the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard reserves.


You are called by God to serve Him in distinct ways.


We cannot do this alone. We all must work together fulfilling the Great Commission.


It is all about Jesus and it is all for Him. Everything we do is about deepening our relationship with our King.

Our Beliefs

The church holds to The Savoy Declaration (1658) as her confession, which most represents the faithful systematic understanding of God’s word. Yet we also affirm that only the Scriptures are inerrant and infallible. For those not familiar with confessions the Savoy is a modification of the more prevalent Westminster Confession. It was designed for independent congregational churches, which believed in the autonomy of local fellowships. However, most are not familiar with either confession so underneath lists our core beliefs so you can get to know us.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Leaders

Safe Harbor Community Church is ultimately led by Jesus Christ. We believe He has entrusted us to partner with Him in His mission through Safe Harbor.

Pastor Bill

Senior Pastor

Bill Broderick

Bill, along with his wife Michelle and their five children, have served this congregation for 4 years.


Want to worship with us?

We gather every Sunday morning at 8:30am for Sunday School for all ages. and worship at 10am. We also have a weekly adult bible study each Wednesday at 6:45pm.